Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Box 17 - Oct 10th, 2012

Things are winding down on Herbal Turtle Farms.  We have 2 boxes left this season!  There are LOTS of projects to finish before we settle down for the winter so let us know if you would like to help out with any.  We will continue to take out old crops and trellis, planting garlic and possibly some carrots for next spring, trimming an re-mulching herb beds, putting shiitake logs down to rest, replenishing winecap beds, and more!  We are really hoping to get a cover crop in but it has been so dry this fall that it may do more harm than good.  If we till up the soil and the seeds don't germinate we will be stuck with bare soil over the winter.  If we have a dry winter that could be very bad news.  We may opt to leave the weeds as a cover and try to get a cover crop in early next spring.  


Snow Peas
Pie Pumpkin
Onions or Leeks

Since we missed a box in July due to the excessive heat we are offering an extra box during the last week of the CSA.  This box will consist of mainly storage crops such as cabbage, beets, and winter squash, but may also include broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, radishes, etc.  Whatever we have left we will throw into the box!  We realize that not everyone likes to process foods for the winter so we will be giving members the option of requesting the extra box rather than just giving it out to everyone.  If you would like us to include the bonus box with your final CSA pick-up please email or call us and let us know by Monday, Oct 22nd.  You can reach us at or 507.450.5877 (Bryan) or 507.313.5085 (Katelyn).   

Your Farmers,

Bryan, Katelyn, and Ayden
Herbal Turtle Farms


Pumpkin Cookies with Cinnamon Icing:
These are insane.  I made a double batch last time and we ate them in a few days.  If you only make one recipe that I gave out this year-let this be the one.

Swedish Cabbage Soup:
A really great fall soup!  One of my favorites!

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